PUBG Mobile launches patch note 11.1; Positive News on PUBG Re-launch in India

PUBG Mobile launches patch note 11.1; Positive News on PUBG Re-launch in India

As India is moving towards another lockdown due to the Covid outbreak lakhs of PUBG fans are hoping for positive news on the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India because as we all know Garena is far behind the PUBG levels and Faug is just dreadful and is without any artillery(a s*** eco-friendly game).

The game is very addictive and has become an integral part of many as a pastime hobby or to newbie professional gamers.

As we all know, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka PUBG game developers have released a big PUBG Update on Thursday (April 8). PUBG have released patch note 11.1 as season 10 is finally coming to an end the developer wants to refresh a few things. The new update will bring some significant changes to the hugely popular battle royale title PUBG PC.

The developer wanted to refresh a few things by bringing back Paramo to the battlegrounds and gamers will be able to experience all match types be it Solo, Duo or Squad in Paramo and play in both TPP & FPP mode.

The new update will also bring major weapon adjustments as overpowered guns such as Beryl & SLR are receiving nerfs( which downgrades the power, effectiveness, or influence of them) in the attempt to achieve balance, whereas poorly performing guns like Mini-13, VSS, and SCAR-L will be burnished.

Positive News on PUBG’s relaunch in the Indian circuit:

As PUBG has earlier stated during the announcement of release of latest update of patch 11.1 and also during the launch reveal of PUBG: New State which is Featuring over 170 countries excluding India and Pre-registrations from India for the game will not be entertained. The PUBG Corporation is currently focused on re-launching the game in India in a proper manner.

In fact, some reports even stated that the battle royale game will release officially later this year. While the launch timeline is yet to be officially confirmed, the thing which is making things more intriguing and exciting is that PUBG Corporation has listed 6 Job postings on Microsoft’s LinkedIn platform which includes Product Manager, Associate Director, Video Editor, SMM, and Head of Business Operations all situated in India.

This directly gives a faint hint at the Battle Royale game’s imminent launch. PUBG Corporation, in fact, earlier revealed that the Indian version of the mobile game will be again customized as per the government’s instructions. 

The company stated that they will give users’ security and privacy utmost importance, which was the major reason why the popular mobile game was banned in the country. Tencent’s PUBG Mobile was banned in India last year along with hundreds of other Chinese apps, the game fell foul of leaking information and became a victim of Sec. 69 of the IT Act, India.

Till Now neither the company nor the government of India revealed official details related to the release of the Indian version of the Battle Royale game but it is believed that Krafton is holding positive talks with Government of India, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and a concord may be made between both.

We can only hope that this LinkedIn Fiasco is much more than just a fluke and PUBG Battle Royale will be relaunched by the time the country undergoes another Lockdown. The game is a major stressbuster in our country. Let’s wait for our “#winner, winner, chicken dinner”.

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